June 26, 2017 Katie Ferber

BCA Helps AMGEN Tour of California Navigate Through SLO

Professional cyclists roll through town

As the city of San Luis Obispo prepared to host international bicycling event, AMGEN Tour of California, local officials wanted to welcome crowds while also warning locals about the potential congestion.  So BCA – no stranger to promoting big events – stepped up with a plan that would enhance fun and alleviate stress for everyone.

The AMGEN Tour of California is a professional bike race modeled after the Tour de France, featuring top bicyclists from around the world. While the race regularly runs through San Luis Obispo County, it hadn’t sped through downtown San Luis Obispo in ten years.

To help build a festive atmosphere for AMGEN’s return, the city decided to hold a block party, with music by local band the Zongo All-Stars. At the same time, the city knew that the block party and the race would entail many road closures.

BCA’s creative team promoted the event with graphic design that included maps, a flyer, a welcome banner and social media posts. We also wrote press releases about the race and the block party. At the same time, we wrote releases about road closures, noting which streets would be impacted and when.

The campaign was a big hit: A large crowded gathered downtown, ringing cowbells as the bicyclists sped past, traffic moved smoothly, and there were no major incidents or accidents reported.

And for the City of San Luis Obispo, the race, aired on NBC Sports, garnered international exposure – helping the local tourism industry.

We won’t know for a while if the race will pedal through San Luis Obispo next year. But if it does, we’ll be there – with cowbells on.




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