Dave Cox

Executive Vice President/General Manager

Dave Cox started his career in broadcasting. That culminated in the 80s, when he was the president and general manager of news station KSBY. Despite numerous offers to move to bigger markets, Dave and wife Maggie chose to remain in San Luis Obispo, where they launched BCA, fulfilling Dave’s entrepreneurial dream.

Always dialed into the community and seeking the most creative approach to marketing, Dave has led dozens of successful marketing campaigns over the past 28 years for clients that range from corporations needing a fresh take to smaller companies wanting to grow to nonprofits with big needs and little budgets.

A Cal State-Chico grad, Dave began his career at KHSL-AM/TV, not far from his alma mater. KSBY brought him to San Luis Obispo, where he also founded KJDJ Radio.

A former SLO Citizen of the Year (an honor he shared with Maggie), when he isn’t brainstorming on messaging or reviewing budgets, Dave is likely watching the San Francisco Giants or admiring the fine curves of a John Deere tractor.