09 May 2017

BCA’s Jesse/Jane is Top Cow at CowParade Auction

As bids for BCA’s CowParade SLO County cow, Jesse/Jane, rapidly escalated, auctioneer Todd Ventura felt the crowd’s anticipation – the…

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04 May 2017

BCA Wins Prestigious Awards of Excellence from Public Relations Society of America

SAN LUIS OBISPO – Demonstrating excellence across a variety of public relations strategies, Barnett Cox & Associates (BCA) today was…

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24 Apr 2017

The Story of Adventure Cow

Strapping a life-sized cartoon cow to a zipline is a slam dunk as a sight gag. It’s just funny.

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18 Apr 2017

From Dreams to Reality: The Making of 40 Prado

Longstanding plans for a new homeless services center to serve the needy in San Luis Obispo County collapsed in 2014 due to neighborhood opposition.

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30 Mar 2017

SLO rewards visitors with Money for a Rainy Day

Rain or shine, San Luis Obispo is one hot destination spot. And travelers who make their way to this town…

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24 Feb 2017

Think Ahead to Manage Crisis Communication

We have come to expect safety seals on everything from medication to catsup. Safety seal technology was the result of the tragic 1982 “Tylenol tampering” incident in which seven people died after taking cyanide-laced Tylenol.

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28 Jun 2016

10 Quotes to Inspire Your Brand Strategy

It seems that no other era has seen such rapid transformation and progression in the marketing and public relations sector…

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