Penny Fitzgerald

Web Development & Graphic Design

Even when the Internet was in its infancy, Penny Fitzgerald was designing web sites. During her 20 years of designing and packaging brands, she developed web and marketing materials for law firms, financial institutions, tourism groups and movie studios. She’s also worked with several entertainment giants, including Disney, Time Warner and Universal Music Group and other large clients, such as the state of Hawai’i. Penny has also helped mom and pop clients and niche boutiques build their brands from the ground-up.

Spending most of her adult life in Los Angeles, she brings both her web developing and art direction skills to BCA, helping clients establish identities and maximize their website presence through well-thought SEO strategies and the latest design tools.

In her spare time, she has done non-profit work creating murals for institutions such as schools, jails and hospitals and helping nonprofits with event branding and marketing materials.

Penny is an artist herself, who paints seascapes.